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  • Hearing Tests - Computerized to get a more accurate level of a person’s hearing. 
  • Full-Line Dispenser - We carry a full line of hearing aids manufactured by Siemens, Starkey, GN Resound and Widex.
  • All Sizes of Hearing Aids - We sell/fit hearing aids in all sizes from Behind the Ear (BTE) to Inside the Ear (ITE).
  • Repairs - Small repairs are done on premisis; larger repairs are sent back to the manufacturer.
  • Ear Molds - We make ear molds for Behind the Ear hearing aids as well as Musician Plugs and Swim Plugs.
  • We make custom Swim Plugs for children.
  • Custom-Made Hearing Aids - Hearing Aids are custom made to fit your individual ear.
  • Loaner Aids - When possible we try to give a loaner aid while the patients aid is being repaired.